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Dry Socket: What You Need To Know

dry socket

Dry sockets are by no means something that is dangerous to human life unlike abscess or bleeding, but it can be very very painful. We usually have dry sockets after a major dental surgery. If you don't know, this is one of the most problems that a patient can face after a tooth extraction procedure. Irrespective of the type of tooth removal you went through, a dry socket can occur, but they are mostly common with extractions of lower teeth rather than extractions of the upper teeth.

In this post, we are going to explore how and why dry sockets occur, how they can be prevented and how they can be taken care of once they occur.

What Is A Dry Socket? How Does It Form?

A dry socket is when the blood clot resulting from a dental extraction loses itself from the socket walls. The clot dissolves and leaves the bone of the mouth open and unprotected against food debris that might get entangled in the cavity left behind and even saliva and the weather.

Weather? Oh yes weather. You open your mouth frequently don't you? You open your mouth when you talk, you open it when you eat, and you open it when you do some other things aside from just talking and eating. You see, during any of these actions, your mouth has contact with the weather.

Prevention Of Dry Socket

There is really no way by which you can prevent dry socket. The only thing you can do is to follow the surgeon's instructions after your tooth has been extracted. However, that is not a guarantee either. It is just nature. Although dry socket can be uncomfortable, it cannot kill you. The people who are more prone to developing dry socket are those who smoke not long after a dental removal and/or those who love to grind their teeth.

What Is The Cure For Dry Socket?

The answer is clear and simple. Nothing! Let it alone and it will heal in about a month. The pain will still be there while the dry socket is in the healing process. There is simply nothing you can do except to let nature take over. Even if you use antibiotics, you will find out that they offer no help. Antibiotics are good for curing infections and dry socket is not an infection. You may take pain relief medication to lessen the pain if it bothers you. That is what you can do.

Visit Your Dentist For Dry Socket Packing

You can fight dry socket though. Visit your dentist for examination of your mouth and determine if anything would be necessary to deal with the dry socket. Your dentist can perform a procedure called Packing. This procedure is fast and does not require anesthesia. The procedure can lessen your pain to a tolerable level. Dental pain can be terrible and unbearable. Having dental pain will make you want to do just anything to get relief.

As with any form of dental issues, my advice to you is to keep maintaining your dental hygiene. That way, you will keep your teeth healthy and may not require dental extractions that may leave a dry socket after them.

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